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memoirs of teenage fanaticism

17 May 1988
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i've gone by a few different names to a few different groups of people, but in the end, i'm still the same person. once i write what i'm thinking or what i'm feeling, i tend to get over it, so chances are i'm not such a nutter. i rock the party, rock the party. live for summertime, oh how i love those friends of mine. i'm a complete dreamer, and therefore, the real world will never get me down. worm your way into my heart, and i will always love you.

i am twenty, a pirate, an assassin in training, god in waiting, pretty clever, random, sassy, classy, sarcastically charming, capable of waxing poetic, uniquely genuine, amusingly amazing, and a myriad of other adjectives. i've called a few places home: where i grew up (huntington beach), where i go to college (berkeley), where my life changed ([firenze], italia), and where i can see myself living (london).

last thought: i refer to my life, the pages of my nonexistant autobiography, and the good times, the angsty times, and the bah random times, as memoirs of teenage fanaticism. one day it will be a published book, and you will see it on the best seller's list and buy it. and maybe something you read there will stir a memory within you of something you once read here.
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